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How are Shopping Bags Made?

Bags are a crucial part of everyone’s daily lives. They provide the basic utility of

transporting goods from one place to another. Over the past many years, bags have made

the lives of us and our ancestors much easier.

Their basic function allows us to carry more objects without much effort from our hands. Bags come in the traditional form of backpacks, handbags, shopping bags, etc. People use different bags to suit their different needs on a day to day basis.

Shopping Bags Manufacturer
Shopping Bags Manufacturer

Different occasions require the use of different bags. Going to work, you might

use a different bag than you might for a shopping trip to the local grocery store. Bags play a

subtle but important part in people’s lives. By allowing us to easily transport things from one

place to another, bags let us be more efficient in our daily lives.

There are certain things which we all should keep in mind when using bags. The most

common kind of bags we come across whenever we go shopping are plastic bags. We are all aware of the harmful negative effects of plastic bags on the environment and its habitants, but we still somehow fail to put a stop to their usage.

While many companies across the world have made a needful switch to paper or cloth bags, vendors and local supermarkets still serve their customers with plastic bags. Over the past decade, 1 trillion plastic bags are used each year. Their impact on our surroundings has certainly been noticeable. Global warming is at an all-time high and ice caps around the globe are melting, causing an increase in the sea levels.

The pollution levels have caused disrupt and extinction of many animals on sea and land.

Therefore, not only as responsible citizens, but as the inhabitants of mother earth, it is

our duty to look after it and ensure a safe environment for future generations. The first and

foremost thing we can do is make small changes in our daily lifestyles.

By switching from plastic to cloth or paper bags, we can contribute towards a safer and healthier environment. By purchasing shopping bags from CPC Vietnam, you are making a healthier choice for yourself and the planet.

There are various advantages of purchasing shopping bags from CPC Vietnam. Not

only are the most environment friendly products used, you will be able to save money in the

long term. Each time we visit the supermarket or local store, they charge extra for plastic

bags. When you are carrying your own shopping bag, you will not have to pay extra and will

indirectly contribute towards lesser plastic bag production.

All shopping bags are made from polyethylene, which a petroleum-derived polymer.

At CPC Vietnam, we use eco-friendly raw materials such as cloth, plastic from recycled

water bottles, etc.

Our goal as a shopping bag manufacturer that has been in this business for

40 years is to provide eco-friendly goods at the best prices. We have a range of goods

available such as woven PP bags, non-woven PP bags, big bags, polyester bags, reusable

bags, drawstring bags, kraft bags, hot food delivery bags, rice bags, etc.

We have references from reputable companies such as Walmart, Bunzl, Carrefour,

Edeka, Ld Market, Metro, Casino, Aldi Co-op Mart, Migros, Wholefoods, etc. We also

provided gift bags at Tour De France 2018.

Our BSCI code of conduct ensures safe and healthy working conditions for our

employees, suitable and flexible working hours, prohibition of child labor, any forms of

discrimination, legal compliance, prohibition of forced labor, management systems, etc. We

have over 3000 employees under our payroll and we produce over 25,000,000 units every


If you have any questions regarding any of our products, feel free to contact us

through our e-mail We can also be contacted through WhatsApp,

Viber, WeChat and Zalo through +84 (0) 933 914 065.

Contact CPC bag manufacturer and supplier now!

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