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About CPC Vietnam

CPC Vietnam has 100% ownership in it's production chain, from extruding (PP tape-line and monofilament tape-line), to laminating, printing and complete weaving phase.

Each step of production starting with the mixing of material, is tested for quality control using the most advanced technology.

This investment in vertical integration helps to free us from dependence on outside suppliers, ensuring product quality control to meet the highest possible standards. This also streamlines the whole production flow and ensures that your order will be delivered on time.

General view of one of our new factory in MEKONG Delta

Extruder machines
PP extrusion


CPC Vietnam after proceding of the pellets mixing will use one of his many extruder machines to produce the PP or PE yarn

Printing BOPP film for shopping bags

This is  a view of the machines that CPC Vietnam is using to print the BOPP film that will be later laminated on the PP material.

Whatever your printing is,

Yes CPC can do it !

Weaving  phase
PP production material of shopping bags

Then will come  the weaving phase,


has many integrated production lines in his factory

Lamination BOPP film

CPC Vietnam  can laminate BOPP film on many kinds of material ; woven PP, non woven PP,

also on RPET (recycled plastic botles), kraft, etc...

You need shopping bags ?

Don't hesitate to ask us for a quotation !

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