CPC produces many kinds of reusable shopping bags


Our State of the art machines allow us to laminate on many kind of materials.

On a plastic base, CPC can now also laminate recycled kraft paper.

This lamination makes that the resistance of the shopping bags is very High.

Following the new regulations a shopping bag should be reusable 16 to 98 times

At CPC we produce our bags with the strongest quality possible.

We don't produce any HDPE bag that are used only for 1 time.

Our bags are thus reusable a lot of time, we are sewing the handles with good quality thread so you can carry up from 15 to 20 kg of products. If you need test reports, we will be pleased to send you some. All our reusable bags comply with a food contact

We now also produce all kinds of PP woven boxes

Cooler shopping
for supermarket shopping
Recycled Kraft paper laminated
on recycled woven PP material

CPC can produce many kinds of cooler bag also for HORECA....Please see picture below.

This bag with a foam liner is

32 x 35 x 62 cm

BAG with a Zip any size, any style

Folding boxes made with PP non woven material, they can also be made with PP woven material

Polylactic acid abbreviated as PLA 

100 % compostable

Those reusable shopping bags with ultrasonic hot welding on the sides that you can see here are 100% machine made...

100% perfects

Cotton shopping bags

Bottles bags


If you have another idea or you want to make it a diiferent way, just ask, Yes CPC

can do it !


About your reusable shopping bags

Don't hesitate to ask us for a quotation !

CPC also produces reusable mesh bags

for vegetables and fruits

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