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Non woven PP, another popular product from CPC Vietnam

The non woven PP material has a softer texture while maintaining all the strength of the woven PP material.
Whatever your choice is, CPC can produce it with the highest quality
CPC can laminate non woven PP material.
Lamination of BOPP film
Bopp film for Shopping bags
BOPP film production
New exclusive Hot Product : R-PET non woven
Made with 100% recycled plastic bottles
Sublimation printing ask for documentation
Recycled R-PET non woven bag.jpg

You can see here an example of PP non woven shopping bag with BOPP lamination

PP non woven shopping bags with BOPP lamination

100% machine made

100% perfect

Glossy or mat aspect,

laminated or not,

single or double handles, eyelet, heavy or light gsm, just ask,


Yes, CPC can do it ! 

If you need samples, our workshop can do them,
CPC Vietnam have skilled workers for that !
Non woven PP shopping Bags
This COX shopping bag is an example of PP non woven shopping bag with screen printing

See below some samples of R-PET non woven

R-PET spunbond bag 1.jpg
R-PET spunbond bag 5.jpg

Those bags are done with


Or you can chose Cheaper......

a screen printing shopping bag

The choice is your's

You need samples or ideas for your PP non woven shopping bags ?

You have a target price ?

Don't hesitate to ask us for a quotation !


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