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CPC Vietnam is one of the highest producers of PP and PE material in Asia because of it's own integrated production lines and state of the art weaving machines.

Strong point of CPC , woven PP and PE material

CPC weaving machines
Woven PP knitting

CPC Vietnam can produce up to

20 million bags monthly

Any kind of bags, any size, any price
Woven PP shopping bags

We also produce many kinds of PP woven cooler boxes like you can see below. This one, for professional use

XL Cooler box.jpg

CPC now has some new machines that can produce PP woven shopping bags 100% machine made

100% perfects

2 samples of welded shopping bags.JPG
Let CPC cater to your target price
Shopping bag with pictures

If you need less expensive bags, like above

we can suggest 90 gsm with tubular construction.

If you want very strong bags, we might suggest a 160 gsm bag with lamination inside and outside.

Just tell us what you want

Answer is


CPC can do it !

Glossy, semi-mat or mat aspect
Woven PP shopping bags

The choice is your's

CPC can produce any combination you desire.

We can make bags with pipping construction,

sewing on the side or on the edge, tubular construction and any kind of handles


Don't hesitate to ask us for a quotation !

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