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Polyester Carry Bag Manufacturers, Suppliers & Wholesaler

Are you looking for bulk custom promotional polyester carry bags to buy online? Get quality reusable blue, pink polyester shopping tote bags from CPC bag manufacturing Factory in Vietnam.

CPC-Vietnam Polyester Shopping Bag Manufacturer & Supplier
CPC-Vietnam Polyester Shopping Bag Manufacturer & Supplier

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Reusable Tote Shopping Polyester bags, particularly blue & pink colour bags, are one of our most popular items. This is a wonderful option for companies to utilise as event or marketing brand presents. Customers are always delighted with our custom promotional poly carry bags. Promotional polyester shopping bags come in a variety of styles to match your needs.

CPC-Vietnam Polyester carry bags are custom size, light, and convenient to transport! They're a must-have for every chain or company that wants to communicate via the shopping bag channels. We have a wide choice of colour, printing, size, and pocket options available; please our manager for more information.

Why You Choose Us - Polyester Carry Bag Manufacturers


We always select the best raw material suppliers and monitor every stage of manufacturing to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality goods.


We are always initiative for our plan since we have scientific arrangements in the production stages and have strong and close relationships with all of the employees. As a result, the time of delivery will always be carefully adhered to.


We can deliver at a lower cost than other suppliers by employing high-speed and new-technology machinery, as well as scientific staff arrangements and waste reduction.


We are always accessible to listen to all client comments and provide a prompt response. Our sales and after-sales service teams devote 100% of their time to their jobs.


We think that by combining professional and long-term experience leaders and technicians, competent employees, and eager young staff, we can satisfy our clients.


Our success is defined on our clients' success. Everything we sell is backed by our CPC Bag Factory guarantee. We have been pursuing win-win cooperation, mutual progress & development.

Features of a Polyester Shopping Bag

It's great for promotional advertising or public service announcements.

Comes in different colourful, lightweight, and waterproof

Sizes and patterns may be easily customised.

Low-cost production and a cost-effective marketing tool.

Long-lasting and durable.

Biodegradable, reusable, eco-friendly, green product.

To learn more about how we can provide the ideal polyester carry bags for your needs, contact our manager now.

Your Reliable Polyester Shopping Bag Supplier

Place your order with confidence from your trusted CPC-Vietnam custom bag manufacturing company in Vietnam. We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. We would like to know what you are looking for.

CPC is a renowned Vietnam bag manufacturer specialising in woven polypropylene shopping bags, non woven shopping bags, RPET shopping bags, and woven polypropylene sacks. We understand the need of standardising every stage of the manufacturing process, including strict quality control.

Custom Polyester Carry Bags to Meet Your Needs

Custom promotional polyester shopping bags are among the bespoke polyester bags we make and offer. Our bags are made to your exact specifications and to the greatest quality standards possible. We are committed to offering the bespoke custom promotional polyester bags you want, with lead times of 2-3 weeks and no minimum order quantity.

How to Choose the Right Polyester Bag

When it comes to picking a polyester bag, it may appear that there are as many options as there are items to put in them. Even if the choices appear to be comparable, not every bag will be the greatest match for you and your needs.

We can talk about polyester bags in terms of three criteria to make this procedure a bit easier and you can decide from it.

  • Identifying bag strength

  • Recognizing common bag types

  • Choosing the appropriate bag size


Do you need a stronger bag to protect a costly item, or would you prefer something lighter? Will the bag have to support a lot of weight or things with sharp edges?


Is there anything special you need the bag to do? Is it necessary, for example, to be resealable, expandable, or have a handy opening?


What is the size of your product? Is it a consistent shape that will fit in a normal size bag, or do you want a custom sized bag for your item?

In this article, we'll go through the three bag variables (strength, type, and size) in further detail to help you pick which bag is ideal for you.

An Overview of Bag Strength

Bag strength is proportional to bag thickness and is measured in millimetres of an inch (MIL). The higher the MIL, the thicker, tougher, and more protective the bag. Polyester bags are available in a range of strengths ranging from 0.75 MIL to 12 MIL.

MIL Strength

Polyester Bags Function

​4 - 6 MIL

​The majority of lightweight packaging is 4 or 5 MIL thick. This line is great for packaging food, clothes, and tiny parts since it provides a simple barrier against moisture or dirt.

​7 - 8 MIL

​Extra delicate items that require more protection may require 7 or 9 MIL polyester bags.

​4 - 6 MIL

​4-6 MIL is reserved for exceptional puncture or tear resistance.

While your polyester bag will provide fantastic and diverse packaging, you'll want to ensure that your items are protected by selecting the appropriate strength bag.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How resistant is your product to moisture, dust, grime, rips, or punctures?

  • Can it withstand some minor bending or pressure?

Common Bag Types

There are several sorts of polyester carry bags, each having its own set of printing and sealing choices, MIL strengths, size, and thickness. Here are some common types of bags:

Polyester Carry Bags

As we are the market leader in the world, we provide a high-quality assortment of Polyester Carry Bag, as our quality integrated solutions and technology intervening manufacturing affairs. We have lain promoted a speedy sprouting to our organisation with amicable caution and uncompromising efforts of our skilled workforces. We have made available preferred transactional channels such as online, cash, cheque, and DD for our valued clients to use when making payments. Our best selling products in the polyester section are blue and pink polyester bags.

Polyester Shopping Bags

Get our custom polyester shopping bag which is of highest quality. This bag is ideal for daily shopping for fruits, veggies, groceries, and so on. It folds easily, is incredibly light, sturdy, and long-lasting, and is the right size. This is also ideal for transporting up to four office files or two box files on a daily basis. Lawyers, C.A.s, and other professionals that move a lot of papers must use this bag instead of disposable bags.

Polyester Laptop Bags

Check out a premium and convenient polyester laptop bag for office, collage and meeting daily use. The polyester laptop bag's every aspect has been meticulously examined, from its balanced proportions and streamlined appearance to the colour-matched quality zips. Without a doubt, one of the most attractive bags you will receive from CPC, as well as one of the most sturdy. The finest leather is surprisingly resistant, and the chain quality is unrivalled; it looks precisely as you imagined.

Polyester Tote Bags

CPC polyester tote bags for women are handmade bags for daily use. Its vegan leather handbags come with double handles also if customer requirements we can make changes accordingly. Get a wholesale price elegant tote bag from CPC-Vietnam.

Polyester Big Backpack Bags

This is a straightforward polyester big backpack bag with a slew of bells and whistles. If you enjoy the new norm of working and travelling from anywhere, you should acquire this one straight immediately. Padded luggage big backpack compartment with lock strap that accommodates up to 10-15 cloths.

Pen pockets, zipper pockets, and slide pockets are included in the inside organisation system. Body-blend pockets on both the front and back for your passport, boarding pass, mobile phone, and kindle. Handles made of vegan leather and a removable shoulder strap make this bag simple to carry. The luggage sleeve attaches to any CPC suitcase for a safe ride. Every CPC comes with a free storage bag.

Measuring Bag Size Dimensions

The size of your polyester carry bag should be large enough to hold everything you need without being too little or too large to waste material. Measure the space where your goods will be to determine the appropriate bag size for your application. Then calculate the bag dimensions required to accommodate them.

Buy Online Your Bulk Custom Polyester Bags

You're ready to order once you've selected the strength, kind, and size of your bag! Make the ordering procedure easier. CPC-Vietnam can provide any strength, kind, and size poly bag you want. If you require any kind of bag and if it is your own new creativity, please let us know we will manufacture it for you at an affordable price.

Still Undecided About Polyester Bag Is Best For You?

We'll gladly listen to your concerns and assist you in finding the best polyester bags for your requirements. We will do everything we can to meet our customers' requirements.

To get more information on custom polyester bags, please contact us.

Call us: +84 (0) 933 914 065

Whatsapp us: +84 (0) 933 914 065


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