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Plastic Bags Supplier Singapore | Printed Plastic Bag Manufacturer

Contact CPC the verified plastic bag suppliers, plastic bag manufacturers, plastic bag exporters, wholesalers, dealers, traders in Singapore. Quickly call the best suppliers of plastic bags supplying all types of low and high-density bags with your choice of color. High quality wholesale plastic bags at affordable prices. Ideal with a range of applications and uses. Same day delivery orders for bulk poly bags.

Plastic Bags Supplier Singapore
Plastic Bags Supplier Singapore

CPC is a true Singapore manufacturer of plastic bags and polyethylene films offering competitive prices and top service. Why buy through a distributor when you can go directly to the manufacturer and save?

Call us now or Whatsapp us: +84 (0) 933 914 065

CPC manufactures plastic bags in Singapore and similarly associated items to companies around the world for use in a range of commercial and promotional applications. Our plastic goods can be cut and processed in a range of shapes and colours. We are an organization committed to the accomplishment of excellence as established in our values. Thank you for choosing CPC, we're looking forward to working with you. Order today, please.

We are the best manufacturer of poly bags, polythene bags, ziplock bags, carrier bags, t-shirt bags, plastic shopping bags, plastic pouch, custom plastic bags, transparent plastic bag, large plastic bags, plastic gift bags, heavy-duty plastic bags, custom poly bags, small baggies, retail bags for LDPE, HM HDPE and PP.

CPC is a prominent manufacturer, wholesaler, exporter, and supplier in Singapore of plastic tamper-proof bags and E-Commerce packaging material. CPC is an extruder of all plastic bag suppliers in Singapore in every size, gauge, and color for any need. CPC serves this industry food, pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial, packaging, transportation, waste removal, eCommerce, service, and retail.

We make poly bags in custom size as per client specifications and with different thicknesses. It can also be provided with printing, colored bags, self-locking (press type), sticker type, D-cut bags, gusset bags, holding bags, black garbage bags, and reprocessed bags. Polybags are either made on order or supplied from ready-to-wear storage.

A bag is a necessity to all individuals. It is a part of daily life. Bags provide us great utility by allowing us to carry objects from one place to another. As we all are familiar, bags come in different types. School backpacks, shopping bags, sports bags, drawstring bags, purses, etc. Although they are used for different situations and scenarios, they still provide the same utility. By allowing us to carry items from one place to another, they make our lives much easier.

When it comes to shopping, most of us have the habit of paying for a plastic bag issued by the store cashiers. While it is extremely convenient for us, excessive use of plastic bags is incredibly harmful to the environment. Plastic materials can take over a thousand years to decompose. Not only are they bad for the environment, but they also contribute towards the death of many sea and land animals. More than 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced each year.

Types of Plastic Bags

CPC offers a high collection of custom made plastic bags as per client requirement. Some of the common types of plastic bags are mentioned below.

Medical bags

Provide medical practitioners, and sometimes patients, with a means of preserving, handling, or disposing of medical specimens, equipment, or waste. They are typically translucent and made of polyethylene, polypropylene, or vinyl. They are designed to withstand elements such as heat and UV light and can last long periods of time.

Shopping bags

These are commonly known as retail bags and are used by customers to carry and move items to and from the store and the car. Like medical bags, these are typically made of polyethylene, polypropylene or vinyl.

Resealable bags

Resealable containers, also known as resealable bags, can be opened and closed several times. They work either with plastic zippers or with interlocking profiles that create a seal. One form of common resealable bag is a zip lock or a zip lock bag. Resealable bags are important to our planet because they minimize the amount of plastic we consume and dispose of by promoting reuse. Reusable bags are highly common in the food service industry and around the home.

Ziploc bags

Ziploc bags are a common form of resealable bag. There are lightweight pouch bags used to carry small objects or food items.

Clear plastic bags

Simple plastic bags are also used for products, so they allow buyers to see the contents of the bag before buying it. Often called Transparent Plastic Bags.

Food packing bags

Food packing bags are used by retailers to hold food products obtained in shops. They must be clean and immune to damage and chemical contamination due to heat and UV light.

Gusset bags

Gusset bags are plastic bags specifically made to carry huge, heavy or thin, loose objects such as dirt, candy or hardware. They have special sides and bottoms to do their job.

Advantages of Plastic Bags

Plastic bags provide a range of helpful features. Second, they are often less comprehensive to be manufactured than containers constructed from other materials, such as metal. Second, they're extremely flexible. Manufacturers can build work bags for just about any use. In addition, consumers in several sectors use them widely in their day-to-day activities because plastic bags, unlike paper bags, are lightweight, rigid and durable and have strong tear-off properties. Another very positive thing about plastic bags is that so many are ideal for recycling.

Contact Plastic Bags Supplier Singapore and Printed Plastic Bag Manufacturer through this phone number: +84 933 914 065.

Global Distribution Singapore Plastic Bag Exporter

In order to create and ensure a safe and healthy environment for future generations, it is imperative that we take proper measures now. Furthermore, having to pay for plastic bags every time you go to the store can put a serious dent in your pocket over a long period of time. Therefore, by not carrying our own personal plastic bags, we are not only contributing towards a polluted environment, we are also saving less money.

By purchasing large plastic bags from CPC Vietnam, you are doing the environment and yourself a big favor! At CPC Vietnam, as wholesale plastic bag producers, we produce reusable shopping bags in a variety of materials. We have 12 factories all over Vietnam. Our latest factory has an area of over 110,000 square meters. We also have 3000 workers under our payroll which help us achieve our target production capacity of 25,000,000 bags per month. We have been in this business for more than 40 years now, which enables us to fulfill your plastic bag (poly bag) wishes. All of our clear plastic bags are 100% produced in Vietnam. CPC is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of plastic tamper proof bags and E-Commerce packaging material. We are one of the best customised plastic bag suppliers in singapore. Get a quick quote on polythene bags from CPC.

Plastic Bag Manufacturer Singapore

With 20 years of growth in the packaging industry, whatever the shape of the plastic bags or the items used, CPC Vietnam can be more successful in delivering FIBC Ploy pack solutions to customers in their various fields, all of which come from our technical knowledge accumulations as well as a wealth of manufacturing experience. As a result, it is our priority to reduce prices for consumers.

CPC, as one of the leading manufacturers, wholesaler, supplier and exporter of plastic bags in Singapore, our product line covers the chemical, food, agricultural, manufacturing, mining and so on, we have been ISO 9001:2008 certified in 2009 and we have also been ISO 22000:2005 food safety system accredited in 2013 to ensure that our goods are completed in compliance with this eligible system.

Our plastic bag factory plant is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where our workshop building covers an area of 20 000 square meters, and is capable of manufacturing more than 100 000 wide bags each month.

As our transparent strategy for customers with any buying order, we are committed to conducting top lift testing in line with the ISO21898 test standard in order to ensure that our big bags meet the highest quality standards of our customers.

CPC-VIETNAM is committed more to offering new concepts and innovations than to making plastic bags.

We're here, no doubt contacting us for some sort of enquiry, call us or Whatsapp us on

+84 (0) 933 914 065.

Plastic Packaging Supplier (Plastic Bag) Singapore

We should be your first choice for wholesale plastic bags producers in Vietnam as we have a BSCI agreement, an ISO 9001, GSV certificate and a SMETA report. Our BSCI code of conduct covers the following:

  • Legal compliance

  • Working hours

  • Compensation

  • Prohibition of child labor

  • Prohibition of forced labor and disciplinary measures

  • Workplace health and safety

All the wholesale plastic bags we produce are completely recyclable and can be used in a variety of circumstances. Our plastic shopping bags are perfect for grocery or vegetable shopping. Our drawstring bags are perfect for sports related uses. We also produce bottle bags that can hold bottles. Additionally, if you are the owner of an industry then contact us as we are also manufacturing Industrial & heavy duty polythene bags.

We are one of the largest producers and retailers of high-quality plastic bags and packaging solutions. We at CPC Vietnam focus on manufacturing the best reusable cotton produce bags in the whole country of Vietnam. Our references from Walmart, Carrefour, Ld Market, Wholefoods, Aldi and Brico Depot speak for that.

By choosing to purchase large plastic bags and clear plastic bags from us at CPC, you are not only trusting the most experienced wholesale plastic bags producer in Singapore, you are also making the best choice for the environment and yourself. Furthermore, you will also be more satisfied with our clear plastic bags than the low quality plastic from the supermarkets. Our plastic bags last a long time.

Plastic Bag Supplier Singapore

We offer an extensive range of plastic bag products to meet your needs at our Vietnam based manufacturing facility in ho chi minh city. CPC-Vietnam is certified as the globally accepted HDPE Bag, HDPE Plastic Bags, HDPE PP Bag, LDPE Bag, Stretch Film manufacturer.

CPC Packaging Singapore as a provider of both Ready-Made and Custom Printed Plastic Packaging with high product consistency and service levels. Our plastic packaging involves printing of plastic containers, commercial plastic packaging, food packaging and other plastic packaging.

We are satisfied to recommend the best plastic bag product for your objective needs. Open on Monday-Friday. Ask for a quick quote, call us or Whatsapp us on +84 (0) 933 914 065 .

As your business partner specializing in plastic packaging, CPC VIETNAM is committed to providing our valued customers with our extensive knowledge and skills in the field with optimal plastic packaging solutions. From its inception, we have established a deep and long-term relationship with our business associates. This is to ensure that our product standard is compatible with the expectations of our consumers.

Cpc's main sector is to supply FIBC Jumbo Bag (aka Bulk Big Plastic Bag) to various industries in Singapore. Not only is our organization available to support and meet urgent needs with our ready stocks, but it is also capable of accepting personalized requests. Please feel free to give us your inquiry, and our competent sales team will provide you with our best recommendations in compliance with your requirements & requirements.

We've been known for our excellent customer service, a reputation we've gained by always treating consumers the way we'd like to be handled.

Packaging Solutions

Bulk Packaging

What's Bulk Packaging? It is a packing process that bundles many smaller items of a similar nature into a single box, such as: Jumbo Bag, PP woven bag, etc. It is commonly used for poorly formed goods.

Consumer Packaging Film

Plastic film is a fine continuous polymeric substance. These thin plastic membranes are used to divide regions or sizes, to hold objects, to serve as barriers or as printable surfaces. It is used in a wide range of applications, including automatic packaging, plastic containers, stickers, etc.

General/Industry Packaging

Stretch Film, Packing Tape, Strapping Band, Air Bubble, PE Foam, Kraft Paper, Plastic Tray, etc. CPC plastic manufactures and supplies all plastic packaging materials for all markets.

We supply high-quality packaging film at affordable wholesale prices for consumer poly packaging. With the great support of our technical & servicing staff, we are ready to deliver Complete Packaging Solutions to our valued customers.

Plastic Bags for Sale, Custom Plastic Bags, Discount Wholesale Plastic Bags on bulk orders, 5% to 60% Off. CPC is the Manufacturer & Supplier for Packaging Bags. If you have any inquiries regarding our bags, feel free to contact CPC Vietnam through +84 (0) 933 914 065 on Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat or Zalo. We can also be e-mailed through


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