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Jute Bag Manufacturer | Wholesaler Supplier Exporter of Jute Bags Vietnam

CPC Vietnam - The Jute Bag Maker in Vietnam, The Biggest and the Oldest Jute Bag Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Supplier and Exporter to all the major countries.

We are leading jute shopping bags and jute promotional bag manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters in Vietnam. Being an authentic supplier of eco-friendly jute bags, we produce and export shopping Bags, Large Jute Bags, Simple Jute Bags, Eco-friendly Reusable Shopping Bags, Reusable Jute Grocery Bags and Reusable Jute Tote Bags with a completely personalized facility and assured consistency at an affordable price.

Jute Bag Manufacturer Vietnam
Jute Bag Manufacturer Vietnam

All these jute products are consistently guaranteed by the CPC executive to ensure a longer life. Jute gift bags, jute gunny bags, hessian jute bags, printed jute bags, jute lunch bags, small burlap bags, and Jute shopping bags are highly demanded, they are available from the industry in various colour, sizes and styles.

Get a personalised jute bags bulk wholesale from CPC Vietnam call us or WhatsApp us now at +84 933 914 065.

Bags have been around ever since the start of human civilization. They have allowed humans to carry objects from one place to another. By doing so, bags have been making humans more efficient. Over many years, the designs and ergonomics of bags have changed a lot. There are different bags for women, men and kids. Bags are differentiated and used on the basis of activity which we are going to perform. For example, if an individual is going for sports practice, he/she might use a sports bag or a drawstring bag. On the other hand, if an individual is going to work, they might use a sling bag or a backpack. A woman might prefer to use a purse. A child going to school will carry only a backpack.

Therefore, the use of bags in human society is very diverse and integrated. It is very difficult to imagine a way of life without bags in it. Despite being very useful and important, they also contribute towards polluting the environment. In order to create a healthy and safe environment for future generations, we must change the way we do things. To create a big change, we must start somewhere. The first place where we can start making changes is in our own household. By reducing our carbon footprint, we might just be able to start a trend which is very much needed.

Contact us on WhatsApp number +84 933 914 065 for jute bag price.

By stopping the use of plastic bags from shopping centers, we set ourselves off to a great start. More than 3 million tonnes of plastic is produced every year. By using wholesale jute bags, you will be able to spend less money by avoiding paying for plastic bags whenever you go shopping. Shopping centers charge extra for plastic bags, by adopting the use of jute bags from jute bags suppliers in Vietnam, not only will you save a lot of money in the long term, you will also be able to contribute towards a healthier environment.

We live in a world where the mischievous actions of humans pollute all. The rising use of polythene bags is impacting soil fertility. It even spoils living things and water bodies. You would accept that we will reduce the emission quotient from the atmosphere if we can decrease the use of the polythene bag container.

So, what can we do to make this stop? We should turn to a natural commodity that can quickly dilute with nature and that can be recycled to avoid the growing ratio of emissions. Jute is a natural commodity that helps us to make many items for our everyday use. Jute is a very good material for various applications for the manufacture of carrying bags.

As a bottle pack, to hold wine bottles, to carry books and for many other uses, you can use jute bags for grocery stores. We are mindful of the preference of customers, so we incorporate common patterns to our bag range. As per your preference, you'll get all sorts of jute bags. Eco-friendly & 100 percent natural are all our CPC approved goods.

CPC Jute Products was founded in 1992 as an export-oriented production unit for jute bags, juco bags, canvas bags and other types of natural bags. We are a respectable & leading business for the export of jute bags, juco bags, cotton canvas bags and many more. If you need eco-friendly retail shopping bags for your store/shop, we will send you high quality retail shopping bags made of natural fiber jute, cotton and juco in bulk.

We sell, distribute and export our bags to more than 16 nations, including Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Austria, Ireland, Sweden, etc. CPC Vietnam’s Jute gift bags, jute lunch bags, small burlap bags, jute gunny bags, jute sack, hessian jute bags, printed jute bags and jute shopping bags are widely sought-after, available from the market in a range of colors, sizes and designs.

CPC-Vietnam Jute shopping bags are 100% eco-friendly since they are made of renewable plant-based fibre. You can print your own brand logo on these eco-friendly jute bags to advertise your company or store. We are the biggest jute shopping bags manufacturer and cotton shopping bag wholesaler in Vietnam, Asia.

At CPC Vietnam, we are wholesale jute bags manufacturers and jute bags suppliers. Our 12 factories located all across Vietnam produce more 25,000,000 bags per month. We have more than 3000 employees under our payroll. Our latest factory has an area of more than 110,000 square meters. Furthermore, we have been in this industry for more than 40 years now and have gained a lot of experience and built relationships with many repute companies including walmart, bunzl, carrefour, metro, Pep & Co, Casino, Aldi, Ld Market, and many more.

Multipurpose eco-friendly bag

Jute is an eco-friendly multi-purpose bag, best known because it is free of hydrocarbons that kill all of its adverse effects.

Ecological footprint low

Jute bags are durable. There is a very low CO2 footprint for jute bags. Jute has a very low footprint of water . Jute has a very limited environmental footprint.

Environment Friendly

Jute is Cradle to Cradle. Biodegradable and 100 percent compostable jute bags are bags of jute that are incredibly solid.

Jute Bags are the perfect choice and alternative against plastic bags to save both money and the mother earth. In the U.S. & Canada, Jute is called the Burlap. Both our jute goods are 100% biodegradable if you don't want PP or LDPE lamination. Jute & Cotton are both natural but jute is stronger than cotton because the chemical consumption is very limited for jute production.

CPC-Vietnam delivers smart recycled options to substitute. Jute bags are 100% environmentally friendly and ethical criteria for regular plastic shopping bags.

When it comes to wholesale jute bags, we should be your firstmost choice in Vietnam. We are trusted jute bags suppliers. We have a BSCI code of conduct that covers the following areas:

  • Legal compliance

  • Working hours

  • Prohibition of child labor

  • Workplace health and safety

  • Management systems

  • Environment and safety issues

  • Prohibition of forced labour and disciplinary measures

Best Jute Bag Manufacturers In Vietnam

We have an Exclusive Collection of Jute Bags for Gift Pieces in store for our clients. These bags are renowned for their exquisite patterns and distinctive styles. We export jute bags to Europe, South Africa, the USA and Russia.

Jute bag Luxury Collection

As a consequence, we are engaged in the manufacture of a premium collection of Jute Bags. In high profile cases, our merchandise array has made its presence known and is used by large retail stores.

Outstanding consistency

We have the skills and manpower needed for exceptional efficiency and function in manufacturing. Today, our business is mainly engaged in the area of jute bags, covering variations such as shopping bags, promotional bags, wine bags, souvenir bags, gift bags, gunny bags, and more.

Our Fabrication & Production of Jute Bags

A large portion of our production of jute bags is shipped to Europe, South Africa, the United States, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. For our detailed craftsmanship, competitive pricing, on-time delivery and responsiveness, we are trusted for that. And we have gained a name as the best jute bag manufacturer in Asia.

Basic Requirements

Our mix of styles and infinite options suits your unique needs. We are also focused on innovative designs, creativity and future industry developments.

Quality Assurance

Our company CPC-Vietnam strongly believes that in the long term, it is only through quality goods that will make a business prosper. Therefore, all of our bag items are manufactured using premium grade raw materials, including cotton bags, jute bags, and Juco shopping bags, etc.

Friendly Eco Fabrics

Our jute bags are manufactured from environmentally sustainable fabrics such as jute, cotton, juco, cloth, etc. Our goods are ideal for the domestic and foreign marketplace, with the super finish, detail, and excellence. Jute bags are widely known as eco-friendly bags.

Jute Bag Manufacturer - Jute Bag Wholesaler - Jute Bag Supplier - Jute Bag Exporter

Jute Sack Bag Manufacturer - Jute Bag Wholesaler - Jute Bag Supplier - Jute Bag Exporter
Jute Sack Bag Manufacturer - Jute Bag Wholesaler - Jute Bag Supplier - Jute Bag Exporter

At CPC Vietnam, our main goal is to ensure safety for the environment and matching our customer’s needs with the highest quality products. Over the past 40 years, we have been matching our customer’s needs with the top quality bags. We have 25 kg jute bags and 50 kg jute bags. Our range of products can meet a variety of customers.

We are also a manufacturer, wholesaler & exporter of Juco Eco-friendly Shopping Bags, Juco Advertising Bags, Juco Meeting Bags, Juco Shopper printed at fair prices with your message or logo.For improved look & durability, Cotton Jute Conference Bags can be crafted from Juco fabrics. Juco is a cotton & jute mix.

Let's have a 15-minute conversation to appreciate your needs. Call us or Whatsapp on this number: + 84 933 914 065

We are not only jute bag suppliers, we produce all kinds of shopping bags including big bags, jumbo bags, woven or non-woven bags, bags made from recycled plastic bottles, laminated kraft bags, rice bags, polyester bags, drawstring bags, etc.

Promote your business brand creatively, ethically and efficiently with our eco-friendly jute, cotton and juice bags. If you're looking to replace your existing plastic bags with eco-friendly jute bags, you can order your own customization and branding directly from our Vietnam bag factory. We manufacture entirely personalized jute bags and ship across the globe.

For cheaper shipping in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, Spain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Japan and the Netherlands, you should order a minimum of 20,000 bags or containers at the best price.

Centered in Vietnam, Asia the CPC has been a major producer and exporter of all kinds of environmentally friendly jute bags, including cloth, cotton, juco, paper. In recent years, the firm has restructured its market portfolios to concentrate on a wide variety of eco-friendly branding items and packaging solutions.

To address this need, we have built a well-integrated manufacturing facility, with our company's sewing, printing and embroidery facilities under one roof.

Let us have a 15 mins chat, and understand your requirements. Call us or Whatsapp on this number: + 84 933 914 065

If you have any concerns about our jute products or feedback that help us to enhance our products, services and our website, or feel that you buy a jute product from us, we would be delighted to hear from you!

If you have any inquiries regarding jute bags or any of our shopping bags, feel free to contact CPC Vietnam the top bag manufacturing company in Vietnam, Asia through + 84 (0) 933 914 065 on Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat or Zalo. One can also contact us through email:


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