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Jumbo/Big/Fibc Bags Manufacturer In Vietnam

Dernière mise à jour : 15 mars 2021

CPC-VIETNAM FIBC Jumbo Big bags manufacturer and supplier from Vietnam is gaining immense popularity all over the world. These big FIBC Jumbo bags are broadly used to store substantial material, widely used in Construction, Agricultural, Chemicals, Cement, Food & Pharmaceutical industries, etc.

FIBC - Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container also called Big bags or Jumbo bags are fast replacing cartons and PP woven sacks packaging for its advantages of being flexible, easy to store, fill, stock and discharge. CPC bags are widely used in all the industrial and agricultural product's transportation.

We believe in customer satisfaction, so we produce quality end products so it fulfills clients' requirements. CPC-VIETNAM - is a bulk bag supplier and all kinds of bags manufacturer which has a wide range of FIBC Jumbo Big Baffle bags that have gained top performance in the international market.

Jumbo/Big/Fibc Bags Manufacturer
Jumbo/Big/Fibc Bags Inspection

CPC-VIETNAM FIBC Jumbo bags are manufactured using the latest machines and custom techniques used to produce standard big bags that are flexible, withstand heavyweight, and easy to use while loading and unloading, transporting and exporting. CPC-VIETNAM Jumbo bags are mostly known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Bags (FIBC bags).

CPC-VIETNAM FIBC Jumbo bags are made of high-quality materials and they are easy for storing, carrying solid and flexible to hold heavy material. And these Jumbo bags are resistant, as these are made of tough materials which are light in weight and withstand any sort of physical damage.

With a large storage capacity, these CPC-VIETNAM Jumbo bag manufacturing companies are ideal for carrying huge material, a perfect packaging solution in a simple and convenient manner.

FIBC bags made of flexible fabric, and come in different ranges and varieties, shapes and size Jumbo bags are available. CPC-VIETNAM manufacture custom Jumbo bags with respect to colour, material, size, even we can add a company logo or brand name as per customer requirement.

CPC-VIETNAM Jumbo bags/ FIBC bags/ Big Baffle Bags are very strong because of the quantity of a raw products and can carry up to 700 times their own weight. They are easy to use and flexible for transport and warehousing purposes.

CPC-VIETNAM Jumbo FIBC bags are made up of polypropylene which is a cost-effective option and comes with four loops for easy forklift handling. CPC-VIETNAM is the best FIBC bag Manufacturer, and we have more than 5000 employees who work in our Jumbo bag manufacturing factory. CPC-VIETNAM Jumbo bags/ FIBC bags/ Big Baffle Bags, are one of the types of packing often stored and used in the transportation of goods.

CPC-VIETNAM Jumbo bags/ FIBC bags/ Big Baffle Bags have become a brand in Vietnam and are also popular in the transportation industry.


CPC-VIETNAM produce, manufacture, and export different type of Jumbo bags/ FIBC bags/ Big Bags to the International market, some are listed below:

  • Circular type with cross corner

  • Upanel/4 panel bags

  • Baffle bags

  • Conical top/ bottom bags

  • Tunnels lift bags

  • Single loop bags

  • Two loop bags

  • Antistatic Bags: Type ‘C’&’D’

  • UN bags

  • Sift proof bags.


  • Convenient to carry

  • Ideal for storage purposes

  • Suitable for packaging

  • Jumbo-sized bags

  • Can bear heavy loads

  • No risk of getting torn

  • Can be tailored as per customer’s needs

  • Can be made available in coated/uncoated with different colored options

  • Available in laminated & unlaminated form


  • Customizable

  • Versatile

  • Recyclable and Reusable


  • Capacity and size

  • Food grade or non-food grate

  • Colour

  • Bag type (A,B,C,D)

  • Filling and discharging features.


  • Food grate products

  • Agriculture

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Flammable /combustible products

  • Metals and mining product

  • Dairy, meat, and poultry.


  • Each & every bag is vacuum cleaned

  • Positive air pressure maintained

  • 100% metal detection is done of food /pharma grade bags

  • Dart impact testing is done for liner

  • Tensile testing done for fabric and loops

  • Straight top lift testing is done for FIBC.

CPC-VIETNAM Jumbo bag/ FIBC bag Manufacturing Process:

The process of manufacturing Jumbo bags can be broken down into the following.

CPC-VIETNAM Jumbo bags/ FIBC bags/ Big Baffle Bags UNDERGOES 11 STEPS:












Jumbo bags/ FIBC bags/ Big Baffle Bags manufacturing process consists of a series of steps that apply regardless of the design.

Whether bags need to be made square, tall, overbuilt or cost effective, maintain colour, brand name or logo etc. The process of manufacturing Jumbo bags/ FIBC bags/ Big Baffle Bags bags is broken down into the following 11 Steps.


The first step involves extrusion, where a mix of raw ingredients. The ingredients used in this process include polypropylene.


The fabric that forms the body for a bulk bag is woven into shape. The resulting material is strong enough to carry a vast array of industrial products.


Moisture resistant is accomplished with lamination coating and is essential for bulk bags used in the transportation of granular products. As well as for my product that must never be exposed to moisture. The transportation and storage of various materials, for example, sugar and salt should never be exposed to water.


The process by which the measurements are made is automatic, which ensures the exact length for each cut. Whether a line of bulk bags needs to be square, tubular or vertically rectangular the appropriate cuts are made at this stage.


The printing occurs at this stage. Depending on the brand in question, an assortment of colors may be implemented. For the best possible impressions, a heavy-duty printer is necessary for this process.


The handle pieces of bulk bags are made during this stage. These materials are then cut to precise measurements.


The various pieces comprise the bulk bags including both the square and rectangular. Pieces of polypropylene fabric.


Each bag is inspected by quality control inspectors. The purpose is to ensure each bag meets the required standards of strength and durability for a product line of bulk bags.


This step is performed in advance of a general production of bulk bags. Once a production has been completed, the burst test is once again carried out on random bags to ensure the SWI is met. SWI means a safe working load.


The compression is done in a bale press. The results of which allow for the neat and easy packing of the bags.


Whether the intended purpose is for the transportation or storage of building material, rubble food products or chemicals.

CPC-VIETNAM Jumbo Bags/ Fibc Bags/ Big Baffle Bags Usage:

Packaging for fertilizers, food, chemical construction, currently. A large number of industries that are using bulk bags.

Petrochemical and chemical product manufacturers. Food manufacturers (e.g. sugar, flour, spices, wheat, milk powder).

Construction-related (e.g. cement, granite, and sand). Agricultural related products (e.g. fertilizers, animal feed, and grass).

Industrial applications (e.g. scrap materials, copper coils, slag, and sludge waste).

Wood industries (e.g. firewood, lumber, planks). A Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container FIBC Bags cannot be handled manually when filled.

It’s intended for shipment of solid material in powder, flake, and other. Does not require further packaging.

Three Good Reasons For CPC Jumbo Bags/ Fibc Bags/ Big Baffle Bags


The biggest benefit of these bags is that they can be customized as per your business need and demand. These bags form the kind of product you want to store/transport in these bags. And the various customizable elements of these bags include.


These bags are the most multipurpose packaging options available on the market. The way they are manufactured means these bags can be used to store and transport an extremely wide range of products that includes.


A great benefit of FIBC Bulk bags is that the commonly used material in these bags, namely virgin, polypropylene can be recycled into other plastic products. Most bags can be recycled and there are some bags that can be reused as well. If you want to pick reusable bags.

Advantages of CPC-VIETNAM FIBC / Jumbo / Big Bags

  • FIBC bags / Jumbo bags are extremely strong and can carry up to 700 times their own weight.

  • FIBC bags come up with lifting loops, so it eliminates the need for pallets

  • They are simple to use and easy for transport and warehousing purpose

  • Empty bulk bags take up very little space so you can save storage or warehousing space.

  • These bags are made up of Polypropylene which is a cost-effective option.

  • FIBC comes with different hoisting structures and dimensions so it eliminates the need for further packaging or secondary packaging.

  • FIBC bags can be supplied in customized pattern as per requirement

  • You can carry hazardous chemicals as per UN recommendations in FIBC containers

  • FIBC gives you good recycling and reconditioning options so it creates eco-friendly working conditions.

  • FIBC bags are antistatic, flexible, durable and collapsible

  • With the help of FIBC bags, you can efficiently pack materials like plastic granules, flakes or any free-flowing material

  • Faster loading and unloading of materials.

Jumbo FIBC Bags Manufacturer In Vietnam:

CPC-Vietnam is leading and the first largest manufacturer of FIBC Jumbo bags. A cost-efficient country for manufacturing FIBC Jumbo bags. We export our Jumbo bags worldwide, which are UV stabilized moisture-free, eco-friendly and most cost-effective among all available bulk packaging options.

“CPC-VIETNAM Jumbo FIBC Bulk bags have helped thousands of businesses around the world achieve this goal”.

We at CPC-VIETNAM are committed to our customers to deliver high-quality custom-made Jumbo FIBC bags along with all the required assistance including after-sales support to assist our customers in all the ways to meet the end-user satisfaction.

Visit CPC-VIETNAM.COM and get the best experience on our website with all the latest and unique custom designed bags.

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