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Jumbo Bag Manufacturer | Jumbo Bag Supplier

Jumbo bags are intermediate bulk containers which are made up of flexible fabric that is designed for storing and transporting dry and flowable products. These bags are made with either one, two, or four lifting loops. The jumbo bags are also known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC).

The jumbo bags made by the jumbo bag manufacturing company undergo many tests to make sure that it can withstand the stress and still eliminate spillage of hazardous material. They are also manufactured in a cleanroom environment.

Jumbo Bag Supplier and Manufacturer
Jumbo Bag Supplier and Manufacturer

CPC Vietnam - The Plastic Jumbo Bag Manufacturer

CPC’s white polypropylene Jumbo Bags have one of the most effective types of packing for transportation and storage of a great range of materials such as chemicals, food and metal. They have a large storage capacity. Our Jumbo bag manufacturing and supplier company strives to satisfy our customer’s wants and needs.

The jumbo bags made by the CPC jumbo bag supplier are manufactured by polypropylene woven fabric, which are then stabilized against UV degeneration. These bags can contain load capacities. The jumbo bags are made with great care, by well-trained professionals and these bags are frequently tested as per static standards.

Get quotes for Jumbo Bags - Call us or Whatsapp us at + 84 (0) 933 914 065.

CPC’s jumbo bag factory is in Vietnam, makes large big bags in huge quantity with specialized IDP coating, which is permanent and it can easily withstand day to day humid atmospheres. The lifting characteristics of the jumbo bags are achieved using lifting loops woven round the perimeter of the material of the bags.

The jumbo bag manufacturer provides very high quality and eco-friendly products not only in Vietnam but abroad as well. They provide various varieties of bags. CPC Vietnam the big bag manufacturing company designs the jumbo bags in such a way so that they can fulfill various roles and requirements.

We are the most innovative and preferred jumbo bag manufacturer, thus creating value for all our customers. Our company manufactures an entire range from finest quality material that we procure from trustworthy vendors. High tech tools and machinery are employed within the manufacturing, packaging and quality checking operations because it helps in faster and smooth work execution.

The jumbo bag manufacturing company also uses polyethylene to make the liner component of the bag as it restricts the permeability of the material with the outer environment. Also, when polypropylene is mixed with UV resistant chemicals it provides the coated or uncoated properties to the bag.

We, the jumbo bag factory, have our own factories and warehouses, effectively saving the intermediate cost of purchasing, manufacturing, storage and logistics. We also have large-scale plastic packaging enterprises integrating R&D, production and sales.

The customized jumbo bag supplier offers an unlimited variety of styles and colours. They also provide fully customized and semi-customized bags to their customers which are completely reusable and made up of high-quality material.

We produce high-quality jumbo bags and have also achieved SGS certification. We also create highly customized solutions to meet the customer’s needs. Our manufacturing equipment have the capabilities to produce great quantities of industrial FIBCs as per customer requirements.

We, the jumbo bags supplier ensure precision and reliability in our products. Our company has also established high standards of personal and operational hygiene. Hence, we make sure that our products are sanitized and free from dust, germs and pollutants.

The jumbo bag manufacturer have a very advanced and sophisticated production facility within which various processes occur together. Our company also has a very healthy working environment where people work cordially. We also do not employ child labour.

Our company, the jumbo bag supplier has a professional design team, for the consultation of the customers, we have arranged one-to-one customer service for customers to answer their questions, the whole phone tracking really improves the perfect after-sales service, to remove their concerns.

Our company, the jumbo bag manufacturers, set stringent quality norms for the quality department, making sure that we comply with a comprehensive portfolio of the required quality standards at all times.

Our company, the jumbo bag manufacturer conducts their work with utmost honesty as they provide only genuine products. They are committed to their work and always meet the deadlines and targets. The products are premium as well as authentic.

Hence, our company strives to develop a good relationship with our customers and remain loyal to them providing them the best products in the market. We endeavour to provide full value and services with firm commitment to quality and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.

Jumbo Bag Manufacturer & Supplier In Vietnam

CPC Vietnam is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of Jumbo Bags. CPC’s offer different colour black or white Polypropylene Jumbo bags wholesale manufacturers bags are exported to the USA, South Africa, Singapore, Canada, Europe and 120 other countries. Wholesale Jumbo Jumbo Bags suppliers products are made under the supervision of our highly talented professionals, who have rich industry knowledge.

We offer high quality, customize, standard products to our valued customers in different sizes, colours and designs at market leading prices. CPC Jumbo bag products are quality tested on defined parameters such as texture, colour, finish, weight and dimensions before sending them to the packaging department. We offer customized packaging as well as buyer labels.

We have a huge stock of plastic jumbo bags and polypropylene Jumbo bags. Call us now or Whatsapp us (+ 84 (0) 933 914 065) for import and export used Jumbo bags are available in several shapes and in customized solutions. CPC plastic jumbo bags are designed using excellent quality raw material in compliance with global standards, you can ask for a sample.

CPC takes care of trends, style, raw material, comfort to attract clients for nice design and optimum quality.

Contact us for bulk order plastic jumbo bags for transport, jumbo plastic bags for import and export purpose, Jumbo big carry bags, 2.5-gallon storage bags, ziplock jumbo, all are manufactured in Vietnam.

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