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How Are Plastic Shopping Bags Recycled?

Dernière mise à jour : 17 mars 2022

In this article read about how are plastic shopping bags recycled. Complete process of shopping bags recycling.

Welcome to CPC-Vietnam the Plastics Shopping Bag Manufacturer located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam, the technology leader in Vietnam for the recycling of mixed Plastics.

3000 employees produce approximately 300000 tons of granules from used plastics every year.

We invite you to take a look inside our CPC-Vietnam company and see our manufacturing process, recycling process of plastic shopping bags.

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How Are Plastic Shopping Bags Recycled- Plastic Shopping Bags Recyclable Process
How Are Plastic Shopping Bags Recycled - Plastic Shopping Bags Recyclable Process

Plastic Shopping Bags Recyclable Process

The raw materials received from either household waste or bulky waste collections, a short-lived product packaging or discarded consumer goods, such as grocery bags, used shopping bags, bobby cars, old garden pots, chairs, tables and other rigid plastic waste.

In Vietnam and some other Asian countries household plastic packaging waste, along with other lightweight packaging, is collected in black bags or bins.

Bag shopping is widely famous among women around the world. Women find it fashionable to carry bags or handbags. For them it is a standard for fashion. On the other hand, most men are unbothered by them.

Local waste management companies regularly bring the bags to sorting plans where the waste is automatically pre-sorted, bales of pre-sorted, recyclable plastics of roughly 1 cubic meter and 400 kilograms in weight a subsequently delivered to CPC-Vietnam for bulky waste MTM Plastics work closely together with a growing number of communities in Vietnam and local neighbour country, and receives pre-sorted materials predominantly from rigid polyethylene and polypropylene.

The bales are delivered to the dry mechanical treatment area where six large shredders reduce the plastic parts to roughly six centimeters in size, magnetic and eddy current metal separators extract remaining metal cards. Other contaminants are removed by wind sifters, so the materials are largely exempt from any other unwanted components. Such as metals, woods and glass.

After further shredding to above two centimeter then the material reached the heart of the production. They combine washing and separating systems to obtain clean poly flakes for the granulation. Any remaining other plastic such as PET, PS, PVC and paper buildup is removed.

The shredder's plastic materials are cleanly circulated according to density. And at the same time, thoroughly washed in three unique centrifugal separators per line.

The resulting polyolefin ground material is subsequently thermally dry.It is here where most of the empty ends production waste is separated from the targeted polyolefins.This production waste also contributes to ecological benefits as it is delivered to the cement industry.

Rigid plastics from bulky waste are complete. an important extra step before granulation Separation by type and color.

In extruders the material is densified and melted at temperatures between 180 and 240Degrees Celsius. The molten mass is mixed with the required additives and plasticized during which it is very finely filtered double degassed under vacuum and homogenized. Finally, the typical cylindrical granules are formed under water.

The result is high-quality re-polyolefins and compounds for further processing into new plastic products in both the B2B and B2C sectors.

Online during production and again, prior to delivery the company's only laboratory takes several samples for each batch to analyze and generate high quality plastic granules. The finished tested granules are packed and transported to the plastic manufacturing company.

Are Plastic Shopping Bags Recyclable

Yes, all our plastic shopping bags are recycled in our factory and used again in making plastic bags. But what most of us fail to realise is the utility a bag provides. While most of us understand its function, we don’t realise their importance in daily lives. Not only has this caused problems for the environment, but also impacted people’s spending habits. Most departmental stores provide bags made from plastic that are extremely harmful for the environment. These stores also charge extra for plastic bags.

Therefore, if you carry a recyclable shopping bag every day, not only will you save a big amount of money in the long-term, you will also contribute towards saving the environment. In the broader spectrum, not only are you doing yourself a favour, you are also saving the precious environment we live in. By using recyclable shopping bags from CPC Vietnam, you will be able to create a mark and set a standard among your social circles regarding the environmental importance of using recyclable shopping bags.

At CPC Vietnam, we produce recyclable shopping bags which are also reusable. At CPC Vietnam, we manufacture recyclable bags from jute, recycled plastic bottles, etc. Our 12 factories that are located all across Vietnam produce over 25,000,000 recyclable bags every month and have employed over 3000 workers. Our first ever factory opened about 40 years ago, making us an experienced and trusted player in the recyclable bags industry. We are the biggest producers of recyclable shopping bags in the whole of Vietnam.

Our recyclable bags are perfect for outdoor use. They can be used as shopping bags and can be used to keep vegetables, fruits, groceries and other items. These bags can be used for daily activities such as any sport related activities.

They can carry bottles and anything you pretty much like. At CPC Vietnam, we produce bags recyclable that will match your needs. We can produce recyclable shopping bags in accordance with your size and colours. We have been in this business for 40 years and it is our goal to fulfil the needs of our customers by providing the highest quality bags and the lowest prices possible with the most punctual delivery. Therefore, when you trust CPC Vietnam with your bag needs, you are putting yourself in the best hands in Vietnam.

Our BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) code of conduct covers the following areas:

  • Legal compliance

  • Flexible working hours

  • Compensation

  • Prohibition of child labour

  • Safe and healthy workplace conditions

  • Management systems

  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

Not just that, we have references from Walmart, Aldi Coop, Bunzl, Carrefour, Netto, Migros, WholeFoods, Casino, Simply, Edeka, Ld Market, Babou, Gemo, and many others. Carrefour is one of our largest clients. Furthermore, we had also partnered with Tour de France in 2018 to supply gift bags.

In addition to recyclable shopping bags, we also produce a whole wide range of other bags such as jumbo bags, big bags, kraft bags, rice bags, laminated kraft bags, woven PP bags, PP bags, shopping trolley bags with virgin or recycled resin with or without lamination. All of our recyclable bags are produced 100% in Vietnam. We only charge 3.3% import tax in Europe.

Get a Better Deal on Bulk Plastic Packaging Bags. Find the Right Plastic Packaging Bags Manufacturer in Vietnam. Our organisation offers a wide range of items to fulfil your various needs. Since the company's inception, we have followed the management concepts of "quality first, customer first, and credit-based" and have always done our best to meet our customers' potential demands. Our organisation is eager to collaborate with businesses from all around the world in order to achieve a win-win situation.

If you have any questions regarding How Are Plastic Shopping Bags Recycled or any other product recyclable bags or any other bags, you can contact us on WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and Zalo through +84 (0) 933 914 065. We can also be contacted through our e-mail

If you are looking for a reusable shopping bags recyclable then please do contact our sales manager regarding quotation on this number: +84 (0) 933 914 065


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