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Hot Food Delivery Bag Suppliers - Food Delivery Bags Manufacturers

In today’s world, food delivery has become extremely vital. It’s a courier service where a

restaurant, store, or independent food delivery company delivers food to a customer.

During this pandemic situation contactless delivery has become common.

With the advancement in digital technology and therefore the rise of online food delivery

platforms, the challenge in delivering food in perfect conditions has become vital lately.

This is why the hot food delivery bags have become a top priority for each and every

food delivery business.

Hot Food Delivery Bag Supplier Manufacturer
Hot Food Delivery Bag

CPC-Vietnam - The Hot Food Delivery Bags Manufacturers and Supplier

The pizza hot bag suppliers make bags which are utilized to keep pizza hot while being

transported are commonly referred to as hot bags. These hot bags are thermal bags,

typically made from vinyl, nylon, or Cordura since they passively retain heat. They are

cheaper, efficient, and faster to use.

For bulk order of Food Delivery Bag call us or drop a WhatsApp message at

(+ 84 933 914 065) one of our Sales Manager will get in touch with you.

The food delivery bags are often clean as required, but there are dishwasher safe bags

also available which can be safely put within the dishwasher at the end of the day for

fast and efficient cleaning. Delivering food hot and fresh are among one of the most

important factors for restaurants and catering businesses. Therefore, the food delivery

bags have to be insulated properly so as to keep the food hot and fresh for an extended

delivery period so that the purchasers are going to be extremely satisfied.

Features of CPC Food Delivery Bag

Product Dimension - Standard Size Inner (8*8*8) & Outer (10*10*10), if you need your

custom size we can even do that.

Strong & Durable - CPC insulated hot delivery bag is made up of 1000D Polyester

Fabric, reinforced stitching for added durability. 210D PVC-Free moist resistant inner

lining with food grade thermal insulation of 12 MM Closed.

Bespoke Design - Our CPC food delivery bags have Cross Shoulder Strap, Waist strap

for easy loading and unloading. Fiber-reinforced finish for safe carriage, Side Pockets

to Carry Beverages, Glasses.

Branding - CPC food delivery bag has a transparent sleeve on front for branding; 3M

reflective tapes for night time visibility. If you need your company logo or different colour

we can customize it for you.

Comfortable and Durable – Easy for Carrying Small Meals ,Salad Boxes, Containers and

Food Boxes of Lower Quantity. Custom handle option available to carry bag while

walking or driving

The food delivery bags are made of the highest quality, lowest prices and with punctual

delivery. Different types of food delivery bags are made for both hot and cold purposes.

These hot food delivery bags maintain the temperature of the food while controlling

moisture. By keeping moisture aside, these bags help to stop soggy foods while

preserving freshness.

These hot food delivery bags are essential for getting perfect pizzas, deli trays and food

pans to their destinations. Delivering of foods from the kitchen to customers can act as

a challenge without the proper things for successful delivery. Before reaching to their

destination the pizzas may get cold and shuffled in the pizza boxes. So, the pizza hot

delivery bags started to come in use.

The hot food delivery bag suppliers makes bags of great quality and reasonable prices

which keeps the food hot for an extended time. These pizza hot bags are great for

carrying wraps, subs, wings, strombolis and side order of french fried potatoes or

mozzarella sticks, additionally to the pizza pies.

The hot food delivery bag suppliers makes the delivery bags with materials which are

extremely resistant and long lasting. This makes them ideal for delivery in any weather,

including rain, sleet and snow also. These bags are breathable. So, the breathability

allows the bags to remain the food warm, while allowing the steam to escape.

There are both nylon and vinyl pizza delivery bags available. But, the best pizza delivery

bags are generally nylon as they minimizes the steam for pizza with crispier crusts.

Nylons are also costlier than vinyl bags. Nylon bags prevents the food items from

becoming soggy thanks to excessive moisture accumulation.

Vinyl food delivery bags don’t breathe easily, therefore the moisture gets trapped within

the bags leading to faster food deterioration. Though they are less costly but are used

when short destination delivery is to be done.

The pizza hot bag suppliers makes sure that the food retains the maximum amount of

heat as possible or stay as cool as possible from kitchen to customer. A top quality

closure on the bag is important to do this. The delivery bags does not allow the heat to

pass and the closure also helps to lock food in place for minimal movement during


They ensure quick packaging too, with intuitive designs that are easy to use.

The hot food delivery bag suppliers produce quality end products in order that it fulfills

clients’ requirements. This results in customer satisfaction. They create these food

delivery bags using the latest machines and custom techniques so that the pizza

delivery bags are flexible, withstand heavy weight and extremely easy to use. The

empty bags are often folded so they take up very little or no space.

The hot food delivery bag suppliers provide bags which are hygienic and also water

repellant. This does not allow the delivery bags to become heavy. Hence, they ought to

provide bags which have an excellent design giving the bag a good sturdy form without

adding an excessive amount of weight to the bag. The bags must be designed in a way

so as to minimize the physical effort as well as discomfort of the person carrying it.

Hot Food Delivery Bag - Product details

Product Dimensions : 25.4 x 25.4 x 25.4 cm; 700 Grams

Minimum order quantity: As per client requirement

Manufacturer: CPC VIETNAM

Item model number: 10 Inch Hot Food Delivery Bags

Department: Unisex

Waterproof: Heavy duty hot and cold delivery bag made of good quality fabric

Lightweight and long durable Waterproof and insulated from inside.

Manufacturer Address: CPC All Kinds of Bags Manufacturing Company, 49/23 Luy

Ban Bich Street, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Item Weight: 700 g

Item Dimensions LxWxH : 25.4 x 25.4 x 25.4 Centimeters (Standard)

Get in Touch with ISO certified Hot Delivery Bags Manufacturing Company

CPC Vietnam is well-known in the market for providing an unmatched range of Heated

Food Delivery Bags. We offer high-quality, customize, standard products to our valued

customers in different sizes, colours, and designs at market leading prices. CPC

manufactured products are widely used in food industries like restaurants, fast food

delivery service.

We have a huge stock of delivery bags. Call us now or what's app us (+ 84 (0) 933 914

065) for food delivery bags are available in several shapes and in customized solutions.

CPC delivery bags are designed using excellent quality raw material in compliance with

global standards, you can ask for a sample.

Our final CPC offered insulated food delivery bags are extremely durable and attract

clients for nice design and optimum quality.

Contact us for bulk order custom delivery bags for food, food carry delivery bag, hot or cold food items, carry bags, pizza hot bags, insulated catering bags, food delivery warming bags,

grocery delivery bags in Vietnam.

Call us: + 84 (0) 933 914 065

Email us:

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