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Are Shopping Bags Made of Polypropylene?

Bags, over the past many years, until now have and continue to provide us with basic

utility we all require and cannot live without. The idea and the invention which enabled us to

carry a larger number of objects without much effort is less appreciated.

Bags give us more room to carry more objects of significant or similar importance. Backpacks, handbags, shopping bags are various kinds of bags that serve for different uses but all have the same principal function.

Polypropylene Shopping Bag Manufacturing Company
Polypropylene Shopping Bag Manufacturing Company

We all use bags almost every day in our lives. People of all ages use bags that suit

them and their needs. Bags allow us to be more productive by letting us carry more things

and transporting objects from one place to another in an easier fashion. For example, a school student and a college student both have different uses for a bag.

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Some might prefer to use bags whereas some might prefer backpacks. A bag might only be able to carry either a laptop or some books. On the other hand, a backpack can carry a bottle, various books, a laptop, containers, etc.

They both have their advantages and disadvantages. A bag is easier and more

fashionable to carry around, but a backpack might not be. At the end of the day, it all boils

down to an individual’s personal preferences and as we all know; all human needs are

different and adaptive to change.

So, when it comes to shopping bags, most people are direct when asked whether they

use plastic bags. Most will shamelessly admit their daily use of plastic bags and do not think

much of its effects on the planet while knowing its harms.

Not only are plastic bags extremely bad for the environment, but they also contribute towards an unsafe environment, which is bad for our future generations. Every year, we use 1 trillion plastic bags, which means nearly 2 million plastic bags are used every minute.

While science has established the harmful consequences of plastic use, governments

across the world are trying their best to keep plastic use at a minimum. Departmental stores

and malls across the globe have increased the use of plastic or cloth bags greatly.

While this has brought a change, we as a society are still yet to abolish plastic use over the globe. Small stores across the world still use plastic bags regularly and provide those to their customers. The customers then, develop a habit of using plastic bags.

We at CPC Vietnam specialize in manufacturing Polypropylene shopping bags, also

known as PP bags. These bags are durable and made from reusable plastic bags which are

designed for multiple uses.

Neither are these bags compostable or bio-degradable, they are the perfect substitutes for normal plastic bags.

At CPC Vietnam, we produce polypropylene shopping bags with both woven and non-woven material, in different sizes and colours.

The best thing to reduce plastic use is to ensure that the public reuses it multiple times

in a row. This is the best way we can reduce regular plastic usage. By doing so, we will also

reduce plastic manufacturing.

We are the top polypropylene bag manufacturers in Vietnam. Our BSCI code of

conduct maintains proper and healthy conditions for all our employees. We have 12 factories

spread all over Vietnam.

Our latest factory has an area of 110,000 square km. We have over 3,000 employees under our payroll which altogether contribute towards the manufacturing of over 25,000,000 bags per month.

We are top polypropylene shopping bag manufacturers that have references from

Walmart, Bunzl, Carrefour (our biggest client), Aldi Co.op, etc.

The usage of polypropylene bags is necessary in order to suppress the usage of plastic

bags and control global warming over the years. We must use products safer for the


If you have any inquiries regarding polypropylene bags, contact us through our e-mail We can also be contacted through WhatsApp, Viber, Zalo and

WeChat through +84 (0) 933 914 065.

Contact CPC bulk shopping bag manufacturer and supplier now!

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