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Newsletter about cpc-vietnam September 2020

Find here the latest updated news about our reusable shopping bags produced in our factory !

Whole food bag.jpg
New material
R-PET non woven Spun bond
100 % made with recycled plastic bottles
Also recyclable
Cooler reusable shopping bag.
We can also make for professional purpose
Cherries shopping bag

This bag is made with 100 % with recycled plastic bottles and is also 100 % recyclable.

100 % perfect from an ecological point of view.

Transparent storage bag.jpg
Transparent PP woven Storage shopping bag perfect for blanket storage and clothes

Like you can find in the world's biggest furniture store

Too late for this summer but

What about ordering

Cooler shopping bags for next year ?

PP non woven boxes 2.jpg
Folding storage PP non woven box like you can find in
the world's biggest furniture store :-)

We can produce any size any shape

Bottles carrier but don't drink too much Alcohol :-)
Polyester shopping bag

Bottles reusable shopping bag

Big boss of our shopping bag factory
Reusable and recyclable  shopping bag

Also 100 % recyclable bag !

Food delivery bag 1.jpg
Vittel bag.jpg
CPC  has now a new material available
R-PET stitch bond made with 100% recycled plastic bottles
100% recyclable
Sublimation printing without BOPP lamination

HOT and COLD FOOD delivery bags 

This promotional bag has been distributed on TOUR de FRANCE 2019

Gift bags

Gift bags

we now have new printing process "Hot stamping "

Amazing.Just ask us !

Spring box 2.jpg

Laundry Spring box container

Spring box 1.jpg
Square cooler bag.jpg

Square cooler bag

XXL PP woven folding box 2.jpg

Delivery Kube box

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