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Please find here different designs of Big Bags

Standard FIBC         modular tubular bulk bag

Baffle FIBC eliminates the slumping and round-out and allows you the maximum use ot shipping space.

Standard FIBC          U-panel bulk bag

Ventilated Fabric FIBC specially designed to permit the air flow into the bag trough the fabric

Filling option

        Open top                       Filling spout                       Conical top                          Duffle top                     Fil. spout with flap

Discharge option

      Flat bottom                     Discharge spout                 Rosetta closure                 Emptying skirt                 Dis. spout with flap

Lifting option

       Four lift loops                 Cross corner loops              Sleeves loops                    Stevedore straps                Single point lift

 Safety index :    SINGLE trip 5 : 1      MULTI trip  6 : 1

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